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Browse our website for either using the ‘Deckheads’ page or using the custom search box based at the bottom of the website, or in the sidebar on certain pages.

Listen to their tracks/albums which are displayed in the media section of the artist pages to decide your favourite artist, or just listen for pleasure!

In the artist page biography section, there is a rating system that our platform is based around, for you to vote on who your favourite Deckhead is!


How will my email be used?

We will only use your email details to share news with you about I2D and Deckheads competitions, and your email will not be passed on to other 3rd party companies or be used for any other purposes.


How do I sign up?

Head here: ‘Submit Your Talent‘ and fill out the quick and easy form!


How do I get in contact with the artists?

On an artists profile there will be a number of ways to get in contact with them. For booking and other info you can direct your question straight to their email or find them on their social media streams.


Where can I keep up to date with Deckheads information?

You can find us on several social media stream all links are located at the top right hand side of the website. Follow us for up to date quick information.


I'm not in the UK but can I still sign up?

Unfortunately, right at this moment in time our services are only based in the UK and the republic of Ireland. However, we are keen to expand to a global service as soon as possible, let us know if you think we should!

If I have any queries that aren't in the FAQ section what do I do?

You can contact us either by our online form or head to our social media networks and direct message us there. (All social links are on the top right of the website)

What is the criteria for having a profile?

The information needed is very simple. Make sure you check out the sign up form to find the information needed to showcase your stuff on our website.

Can I purchase a song listed on this platform?

If purchasable links will be displayed on that specific release page or on artists pages. If links are not displayed for download it is illegal to use external services to download the files.

Is there an option for advertising?

If you are a company that has relevant products or a service for our Deckheads, please get in contact with us via our online form or via social media streams, to find out more!

My page is still not uploaded, what do I do?

First of all we would like to apologise. Due to the fact that we build the profiles on our platform and don’t make you do it, we do sometimes have a backlog of profiles to upload. Please bare with us or contact us via our online form. is the first official DJ directory, currently based and made for the UK and republic of Ireland.
Since our Establishment in October 2015 we have grown across multiple streams creating a platform for DJ’s to gain impressive amounts of exposure across the world.
With so much talent that DJ’s have to offer, globally, we decided to help hard working, passionate people like our Deckheads achieve dreams and turn a hobby into a profession. We make it easier not only for the Artist/DJ but also venues, clubs, companies etc to connect with each other and create partnerships and further careers!
We make it easy for DJ’s by shortening the sign up process and building their profiles for them, making sure they are not distracted from following their dreams and make the whole process quicker and more efficient.
Deckheads is based around a public voting system to enable DJ’s to benefit from extra exposure for gaining more votes. The more votes the artist receive will mean the higher up the directory board they will go. The top ten DJ’s will then get promoted throughout social streams and on the website for potential employers/partners to locate them more efficiently.

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