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If you do not agree, you may not use the services we provide.

The Services are intended solely for Artists who are looking to benefit from our platform, and give us their information/rights to represent them in order to gain exposure (posting songs through all social media, including Deckheads YouTube profile, this allows us to offer artists full exposure benefits, whilst giving all credit to them).

Admin assumes and has full control and may delete comments or content of one or more users.

We do not claim ownership of the Content, but may use it for publicity purposes and to further the aims of this platform and the artists taking part in the competition.

You agree that anyone you have shared Content with may, for free, use, save, reproduce, distribute, display, and transmit that Content in connection with their use of this platform.

Content or actions that violate the Code of Conduct or this Agreement are not permitted:

i. Do not use the Services to do anything illegal.

ii. Do not engage in any activity that exploits, harms, or threatens to harm to others.

iii. Do not send spam or use this platform to advertise your own venture. Spam is unsolicited bulk email, postings or instant messages.

iv. Do not publicly display inappropriate images (e.g. nudity, bestiality, pornography).

v. Do not attempt to download the songs available on the site, without the artist’s consent.

vi. Do not engage in activity that is harmful to the Services or others (e.g. viruses, stalking, hate speech, advocating violence against others).

vii. Do not infringe upon the rights of others (e.g. unauthorized sharing of copyrighted music).

viii. Do not engage in activity that violates the privacy of others.

We would like the user:

i, To connect with artists and other members of the community interested in the competition.

ii, To share, advertise, and promote their profiles and links to profiles etc, so you (the artist) may receive all benefits from our services.

iii, To vote for their favourite artist, votes are limited to one per person. To vote fairly and in a non-bias way; multiple votes found to be from the same user will not be counted.

iv, To use the platform for its sole purpose, and not for personal gain.

v. To respect third party services and resources and abide by their terms and conditions.

vi, To respect the opinions of other using the site and their work/projects.

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