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Tech House Mix

Tech House Mix

Release date: November 2016


DJ DIIODE started his career in Italy at the tender age of 17, playing house music in a bar in his home town Arezzo. ​

In less than one year he became a regular DJ in the most popular club in the city – SUGAR REEF MUSICOLOGY (now known as OFFICINA 7). He soon started to branch out to other venues such as Grace Club, Le Mirage, and other major clubs in Florence, Siena and Bologna. ​

In 2015 he decided to move to London to improve and grow as a DJ, learning new genres and techniques. ​ Thanks to this decision he can now confidently play a wide range of music genres (RnB, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Latin music and all the subgenres of House and Techno). ​

DJ DIIODE’s sets are a mix of sounds tailored to the crowd and are always carried out with the intention of making the night great and keeping the dance floor full.